Rivage world



Founded in England, in 2020 we created a brand that catered to those who wanted to wear an exclusive timepiece or premium glasses. We aim for our products to create a prestige persona about our wearers image when attending casual or more exclusive occasions. We believe that with our hard work and passion we can do this for you and create the style that you want. We are dedicated to perfection and want to make sure that we accentuate the values of our wearers and provide a distinguished look that compliments anyone


We have partnered with the finest timepiece and eyewear manufacturers to create perfection and every product is assembled using advanced technologies, authenticity, and exemplary finishing. Each member of our team put considerable time, effort, and attention towards creating RIVAGE


Our collections are made to stand out with a distinctive style that looks lavish on our wearers and with our high standards we can create this vision. Each product has been designed to ensure its perfection and we have multiple different color schemes to pick from. we’re confident you’ll find your favorite here with us